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Re: Fontinst and expert fonts?

>I was playing with the modified version of fontinst (in
>CTAN:fonts/psfonts/tools/finst) to install my Spectrum Expert set in
>the 8r encoding.  It doesn't appear to be noticing my expert fonts,
>which I've named
>msmr8x.afm   msmri8x.afm  msms8x.afm (as per monotype.map)
>since I'm not getting the ff, ffi, ffl ligatures.  I'm also getting
>errors like this in my run
>Raw font written on msms8r.pl.
>(msms8r.mtx) (../../finst/8r.mtx) (../../finst/8r.etx) (../../finst/8r.etx
>Warning: \ligature for unknown slot `ffi'.
>Warning: \ligature for unknown slot `ffl'.
>Warning: \ligature for unknown slot `ff'.
>) (../../finst/8r.etx)
>Font written on msms8r.pl.
>Anyone have ideas what I'm doing wrong?  (I probably missnamed the afm
>files again... 8^)

>From the output above, I'd guess that it's noticing the expert founts, but
doesn't know what to do with them.

I don't know exactly how to solve the problem, but...

You could try getting the latest version of fontinst 1.6 from CTAN which
logs lots of accurate and useful information when you run it.

And what fontinst file were you running fontinst on to try and install
these founts?