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Re: New font developments: OpenType Font Specification


on the mailing list TYPO-L I've just found a message which might be
interesting for us, too, since we've already discussed the subject
`Open Type Fonts Specification':
Daniel Will-Harris <Daniel@WILL-HARRIS.COM> wrote:

>Font foundries and designers have been vocal in their fear of font
>embedding on the web, and now it seems their fears were 
>well-founded,at least in the case of Microsoft s new browser, Internet
>Explorer 4. The browser s new OpenType font embedding feature has a 
>fatal security flaw that makes it easy for any user, even those 
>without technical knowledge, to capture embedded fonts from a web site 
>and install them into their system for use with all their software. No 
>one other than myself has yet uncovered the simple steps to do so and 
>I will not reveal the steps here, because I don t want people pirating 
>Microsoft knows about the problem and has stated it will do nothing to
>correct it.
>You can read the details at http://news.i-us.com/wire/

Finally , let me mention another new www page


which deals with font piracy.  



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