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Re: Old dvips fonts

Konstantino Konstantinides writes:
 > These fonts seem to be missing with the new latex2e distribution.
they never were part of the LaTeX distribution

 > Is it enough to have the old *tfm files so that I can reinstall unter
 > latex2e? (I only need them in compatibility mode)
 > How can I reinstall these old fonts?
you dont need to. the current PSNFSS setup has metrics which should be
identical. the names of the fonts in the dvips .map file are
irrelevant, what matters is the names used in the .tex and .dvi
file. you probably use "ptmr0" or "ptmr". these are supported vi
virtual fonts these days.

if you use rptmr directly in your .tex file, god help you. you have
some work ahead. but it is nothing to do with latex2e vs 209 (unless i
misunderstand the question)

 > If this is impossible, how one can get the old latex209. It is considered
 > obsolete and CTAN sites do not have it any more.
of course they do, look back at the top level for obsolete