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Old dvips fonts

Hi there

With old latex, I was using the old dvips fonts 

% The standard 35 fonts built in to almost all (but very old) PostScript
% printers, plus a few variants afm2tfm can construct.
rpagk    AvantGarde-Book
rpagko   AvantGarde-BookOblique
rpagd    AvantGarde-Demi
rpagdo   AvantGarde-DemiOblique

These fonts seem to be missing with the new latex2e distribution.
However, I have no more access to my old latex209 and I need
exactly the same fonts, because they were used to print a book
so changes have to be made with the exact font.

A couple of questions.

Is it enough to have the old *tfm files so that I can reinstall unter
latex2e? (I only need them in compatibility mode)
How can I reinstall these old fonts?

If this is impossible, how one can get the old latex209. It is considered
obsolete and CTAN sites do not have it any more.

Any other help/suggestions you can provide is welcome.

K. Konstantinides