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Re: fontinst/mathptm: bug in OMX.etx

s.rahtz@elsevier.co.uk (Sebastian Rahtz)
>i wish i could say "i claim this pore baby", but (to be honest) I
>would prefer it if someone else did. as this stands for me at present,
>i can't promise to do whats needed, ie update the fontinst
>documentation and merge finst back into fontinst. does anyone else
>want to have a crack at a new unified fontinst setup?

I'll have a crack at documentation if someone will help me figure out
exactly what the blasted thing does in detail.

I reckon that the job is a bit big for any one person to be happy to take
it on on their own, and *I'm* certainly not well-equipped enough in the
brain department to do any coding.