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New mode_def (sort of) for modes.mf

There doesn't seem to be a mode_def in the current version of modes.mf
for the Lexmark 4039 printers (600dpi).  There's also a version of this
called the IBM 4039 (I think).  We've found that the IBMFourZeroTwoNine
mode (ibmfztn) works just fine with one caveat.  It is recommended that the
printer be configured with it's "Printer Darkness" set to "darker".

So, I suggest
1) adding the lines
         IBMFourZeroThreeNine := ibmfztn
         LexmarkFourZeroThreeNine := ibmfztn
    to the file at around line 1278.
2) Adding some comment about "darker" to the same stanza

Alternatives are to do extensive testing with blacker set higher
but those of us with IBM 4029's and Lexmark 4039's don't really
need two sets of 600dpi fonts (so we share them with the cavet

Jim Hafner

"And your wise men don't know how it feels/to be thick as a brick" Jethro