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Fount encodings, dvi drivers, and stuff

A question:

If you use fontinst to install a new fount for use with LaTeX, and
re-encode it to 8r encoding to begin with, what happens at the dvi driver

As I understand it, when you install founts using fontinst 1.6 and
\latinfamily, you get an 8r encoded .tfms to begin with, which are pointed
at as the `final' founts by the .vf files etc.

I think this means that the dvi driver has to map the glyph numbers
requested in the dvi file to the appropriate slots in the `real' fount
file.  So that a request for glyph number 182 (para mark) by the dvi file
(assuming 8r encoding) means that the dvi driver will actually present
glyph number 166 (assuming Mac encoding) to the output device?

Is that right?

(whose head is hurting writing this fontinst documentation)