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How should one handle condensed etc., variants?

The question is this: the NFSS allows you to select founts by:


Now then, standard commands define \mdseries and \bf series; and \upshape,
\itshape, and all the rest of them.

Extending this to use, say, a demi bold variant is trivial:

% db series; \dbseries -- demi bold

Which makes perfect sense however you look at it.

But what should you do to refer to, say, a condensed variant?  Ideally,
another axis in the \DeclareFontShape command is needed, so you could say
something like:


This is far beyond my ability to implement, and I daresay needs some major
surgery in the guts of LaTeX.

A technique I've settled on is to add series, one series for each
occurrance of weight and expansion:

% mc series; \mcseries -- roman condensed
% mx series; \mxseries -- roman extended

This feels quite seriously inelegant, and I wonder if it is a sensible
approach, and/or if anyone else has any other ideas?