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Re: diatribe

   >> i am trying to investigate exactly what fonts are needed for this
   >> document, [amsfndoc.tex], but have not yet completed that.

   Here is what my DVI driver says:

The only one there that I see that is not in the AMS/BSR/Y&Y CM and AMS 
T1 (:-) font sets is wncyr9...

%%DocumentFonts: cmbsy10, cmbx10, cmbx8, cmcsc10, cmex10, cmmi10,
   cmmib10, cmr10, cmr7, cmr8, cmr9, cmsl10, cmsl8, cmss10, cmsy10,
   cmsy7, cmsy9, cmti10, cmtt10, cmtt9, euex10, eufm10, eurm10, eusm10,
   msam10, msbm10, wncyi10, wncyr10, wncyr9

Berthold Horn