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Re: diatribe

Berthold K.P. Horn wrote:
> Hi:
>    i've just read the comment about it being impossible to print the
>    output of amsfndoc.tex:
>        There will be no such problem if everyone has a full distribution
>        of AMS fonts in T1 format. But if one can not even view or print
>        the document (amsfndoc.tex) come with the standard AMS/PS
>        distribution, there is a problem.

Here T1 is TypeOne, yes! Remember, one say "T1 encoding" not "T1 format"
one refers to font encoding. 
>    several things here:
>     - the ams fonts are in ot1 format; they will never be in t1 format,
>       but for amsfndoc.tex it should not matter.
Once again "ot1 encoding please!"

> :-) Nomenclature problem. T1 fonts as opposed to TT fonts (as in
> Type 1 as opposed to TrueType) is what was intended I think.

Yes, you are right.  When the world out side the TeX community say T1 as
an acronym for TypeOne font format,  We are here worrying about the 
conflict between T1 font encoding and the T1 font format.
Wake me up please!