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Re: Feature request for DVIPS... (at the last minute?)

At 10:51 AM 97/12/18 +0000, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:

>Unless I misunderstand, each MM instance  needs a .tfm file. So why
>not just have MakeTeXTFM generate the .pfb when it generates the .tfm?
>It would need a customized MakeTeXTFM, of course

Err, no.  The whole idea of MM is to have *one* PFB file and then use other
methods to generate the required instances in the PS file produced.  In
Some cases this can be done via `PSS' (PostScript Stub) files, which are
tiny little files that have the PS code to create the required instance.
Or it can be done directly by modifying `findfont'.  That's what DVIPSONE
does.  Which is why it can support MM partial font downloading.

I suppose one idea might be to have MakeTeXTFM create a PSS stub file
in a system that doesn't have such capabilities.

Regards, Berthold.

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