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Re: Feature request for DVIPS... (at the last minute?)

Berthold K.P. Horn writes:
 > methods to generate the required instances in the PS file produced.  In
 > Some cases this can be done via `PSS' (PostScript Stub) files, which are
 > tiny little files that have the PS code to create the required instance.
sorry, yes, thats what i meant

 > I suppose one idea might be to have MakeTeXTFM create a PSS stub file
 > in a system that doesn't have such capabilities.
which is what I did once, indeed.

The LaTeX Graphics Companion works like this. it loads the entire Minion and
Myriad fonts once, and then each font instance is a 3 or 4 line bit of

myself, i think fontsubsetting is a nice feature i'll use when i can,
but i wont kill myself to get it across the board.