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Vulis and the WCY* fonts

\bibitem [DLV89] Dimitri Vulis, ``Notes on Russian \TeX,''
  {\sl \TUB\/} {\bf10} (1989), no.~3, 332--36.

In this article Vulis mentions having privately deleted from
the WNCY* fonts the weird ligatures for AMS ligature-based 
ASCII keyboarding.  

He gives the resulting fonts no name, so it is not at all clear
that they were ever posted or distributed. Virtual fonts are
mentioned as a coming technology; one can wonder whether
virtual fonts based on WNCY are in circulation somewhere.
Strangely, the Vulis hyphenation patterns are expressed in the 
WNCY encoding, but no explicit mention of any fonts suitable 
for use with them is present in suhyph.tex.

Vulis gives as motives for deleting the AMS exotic ligatures
the various malfunctions of hyphenation I have been mentioning.

He mentions none of the various damages to implicit kerning
that I have turned up; this sort of weakness of TeX's implicit
kerning goes mostly unmentioned in the TeXbook, and came to my
attention first in 1991--2.  I heard the bad news from Bernd
Raichle or at least some of it.  If anyone has proof of
awareness in the 1980s please speak up.

Finally, Vulis mentions a discussion list for Russian TeX that has
disappeared; perhaps its archives exist somewhere and could be
posted by CyrTUG or on CTAN or in Nelson's archives.

                 Larry Siebenmann