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Re: Test WCY*

Re: Test WCY*

I wrote:

 > I am making an alpha-test posting of the proposed simplified WCY*
 > fonts under the name XWCY*, X meaning experimental. These are the
 > WNCY* fonts in a form I feel should *always* have had some official
 > status.  The posting is at
 >           ftp://matups.math.u-psud.fr/pub/TeX/Fonts
 >      I have simply suppressed the maverick ligatures; so only TFM
 > files are needed.  You use suitably named copies of the original WNCY*
 > glyph files (pk or type 1 or virtual).

whereupon Werner asked:

 > What about writing some vpl files to overcome the problems?

     I used TFMs alone because some TeX viewers handle
VFs painfully or not al all.

     Maybe I should add XWCY*   VF (virtual font) files pointing
to WNCY*.  That would instantly convert XWCY* to an orthodox VF
font family.