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Test WCY*

           ========= WCY* fonts for testing ==========

     I am making an alpha-test posting of the proposed simplified WCY*
fonts under the name XWCY*, X meaning experimental. These are the
WNCY* fonts in a form I feel should *always* have had some official
status along with WNCY*.  The posting is at

   ftp://matups.math.u-psud.fr/pub/TeX/Fonts.dir/XWCY_tfm.zip (24ko)

     I have simply suppressed the maverick ligatures; so only TFM
files are needed.  You use suitably named copies of the original WNCY*
glyph files (pk or type 1 or virtual).

       Use WCY* fonts exactly as you use Latin fonts. You can
provisionally access the essential non-ascii characters by the
mnemonic control sequences:

 \def\XH/{^^48}%% also H
 \def\TS/{^^43}%% also C
 \def\CH/{^^51}%% also Q
 \def\SH/{^^58}%% also X
 \def\SHCH/{^^57}%% also W
 \def\ERY/{^^59}%% also Y


     Load Russian hyphenation patterns in addition to English using
(say) suhyphen.tex from CTAN. You then have the rudiments of a
system that gives (hopefully!) correct results even from ascii
typing --- and without all those nasty surprises and slight

     If you have an 8bit screen font with Cyrillic above 128 and
ascii below, then you can use active characters to permit 8-bit
typing, and your happinass should be complete. 

     The WNCY fonts are for the moment the only type 1 Russian
fonts on CTAN and the only Cyrillic most of us have on out hard
disks. We need ways to get correct typography using them.


                    Larry Siebenmann

PS.  None of the systems Pierre mentions (MULE, Tsuji, 
RusTeX) seem to be on CTAN... (weird!??)

PPS.  I am told that the WNCY typography is not in the groove of
contemporary Russian taste, so I am ready to believe that these
made-in-USA fonts of Tom Ridgeway (date please ??) will never
find favor in Russia. I myself have no objection so far 
to their "restored"  WCY* form.