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Re: Washington Cyrillic

     *** more grizzly details ***

       I now recall another couple of grizzly details on the
ligature morass in the WNCY fonts. You meet them when you
type  ts  to get  <ts>:

 --- another kern goes sour;  the implicit kern of  <ts>
with a preceeding character will be wildly wrong; it will be
the implicit kern with t not with the character <ts>.

 --- the part of the hyphenation pattern tables for the <ts>
character will not be consulted. Instead the hyphenation for the
<t><s> sequence will be used.  That is bad enough in itself but
there is more: t-s wordbreaks in Russian are frequent as Barbara
mentions, so when they occur you will get t- at the end of one
line and s to begin the next, which is always horribly wrong.

       I am not at all sure I have now noticed or recalled *all*
the grizzly details...

             Larry S