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Re: 5+3+... FontName reduction algorithm: final report


At 10:25 AM 98/01/08 -0700, Nelson H. F. Beebe wrote:

>I therefore prepared a minor modification of my previous program to
>match on the FontName value, instead of the FullName value, and then
>applied it to a combined list of unique FontName values from multiple
>font vendors.  The test collection is larger than in my previous
>experiments, because it now includes fonts from our TeX tree, and from
>three low-cost font CD-ROMs (Font Locker, KeyFontsPlus, and Font
>Elegance), where .afm files existed in these collections.

>The program reported: ...

The CM collisions do not occur if you make the CM FontNames
all uppercase --- as they are in the BSR/Y&Y/AMS fonts.  
Now you can see why this was done (sometime before 1990).

There should not be any collisions of Lucida font names, since
we made those and we have those fonts all for the Macintosh as well.
The names of our Mac font files are unique (or we'd go nuts!).
So I am not sure where the collisions you report come from.
Possibly the small number of Lucida fonts that are available from
more than one foundry?  Adobe carries Lucida Typewriter and
Lucida Sans and Lucida Sans Typewriter.  MonoType also
carries the typerwriter versions now.

Sometimes a PS FontName with a hyphen is changed to a PS
FontName without one by the foundry.  This has happened in the case of 
a few fonts when Adobe Type Reunion and other such tools came out
which assume that a hyphen only occurs before the `style modifier' ---
so Times-BoldItalic is OK by their rules, while LucidaSans-Typewriter
is not (to avoid compatability problems, we never did `fix' the latter).

To be honest, I can't recollect what the rules are on digits in
the PS FontName - i.e. are they counted as `upper case' or
`lower case'.

Regards, Berthold.

Berthold K.P. Horn
Cambridge, MA		mailto:bkph@ai.mit.edu