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Re:5+3+... FontName reduction algorithm: final report

Hi Nelson,

> I therefore prepared a minor modification of my previous program to
> match on the FontName value, instead of the FullName value, and then
> applied it to a combined list of unique FontName values from multiple
> font vendors.  The test collection is larger than in my previous
> experiments, because it now includes fonts from our TeX tree, and from
> three low-cost font CD-ROMs (Font Locker, KeyFontsPlus, and Font
> Elegance), where .afm files existed in these collections.
> The program reported:
>         42 collisions, 8165 font names, 8165 unique font names:
>          3 cmss1                        [cmss10]
>                                         [cmss12]
>                                         [cmss17]
... [removed more of the text]
>          2 cmtt1                        [cmtt10]
>                                         [cmtt12]
>          2 Harti                        [Harting]
>                                         [Harting2]
> Evidently, Computer Modern names, chosen a dozen years before Adobe's
> algorithm, and indeed, years before PostScript, do not fit this
> algorithm well.

Well, if you modify your algorithm that way, that in a collated
sequence of numbers, the first digit is treated like an uppercase
letter and the others like lowercase, then most of DEK's font-names
result in unique names (except cmssq/cmssqi).

Or did I miss something?

Andreas Schott.
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