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Re: Malyshev Samarin and Vulis


On Tue, 13 Jan 1998, Laurent SIEBENMANN wrote:

> The cyrillic characters normally come from standard CM-style
> fonts of N. Glonti which I believe I have seen posted (but I
> cannot recall where); this series is called CMC* for Computer
> modern Cyrillic.  They can equally come from WNCY* (or WCY*).

If somebody is trying to produce usable set of cyrillic fonts, it would be
in place to take care of 'special' cyrillic characters which are not used
in Russian writing but are used in other languages (Bulgarian, Serbian, ...).

Some years ago I checked both cyrillic font families you mention (WNCY and
CMC). While the latter seemed to be nicer to use (more support from native
writers, PS-Type1 fonts were available, ...) I ended using WNCY family
simply because WNCY allows to write those special cyrillic characters.

With kind regards,

Metod Kozelj

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