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Re: Malyshev Samarin and Vulis

At 02:47 PM 98/01/13 +0100, Metod Kozelj wrote:

>If somebody is trying to produce usable set of cyrillic fonts, it would be
>in place to take care of 'special' cyrillic characters which are not used
>in Russian writing but are used in other languages (Bulgarian, Serbian, ...).

>Some years ago I checked both cyrillic font families you mention (WNCY and
>CMC). While the latter seemed to be nicer to use (more support from native
>writers, PS-Type1 fonts were available, ...) I ended using WNCY family
>simply because WNCY allows to write those special cyrillic characters.

As does the Lucida Sans Cyrillic + Latin 2 font set.  Which is in Type 1

Regards, Berthold.