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Re: fontname name for Caslon Book BE?


At 02:26 PM 1/31/98 -0500, K. Berry wrote:

>Personally, I'd be perfectly happy to come up with Final Solution and
>get out of the fontname-assigning-business :-).  I'm not sure using the
>8-char foundry filenames suffices, though ... do Bitstream and Adobe
>(say) ever assign the same filename?  Did they divvy up the namespace?
>Do Monotype and URW and all the others buy in?

The big foundries like Adobe, MonoType etc. avoid treading on each others
toes and I have not seen any conflicts either in font file name, or
PS FontName, or in Mac 5+3+3+... contracted name.  However, the
cloners often will reuse the file name (while they may change the
PS FontName to avoid registered trademark issues).  They do this
on purpose in most cases.

Long range I see using the Mac contracted names (because if a font
is to be used on the Mac this has to be a unique name), and a texfonts.map
aliasing table.  I suppose the name will also have to be decorated with
the encoding code... The sooner we persuade TeX implementors to provide 
for a name mapping mechanism the better...

Regards, Berthold.

By the way, Adobe marketing a font with the BE postfix isn't that weird.
There are sometimes many steps between the font designer and the
end user.  The font may be cros--licensed.  Or it could be that they
want to distinguish this design to which they got right from BE to their
own, or ones that they got from MT etc.  Adobe markets ArialMT if
I remember correctly, e.g.

Berthold K.P. Horn
MIT AI Laboratory
mailto: bkph@ai.mit.edu