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Re: fontname name for Caslon Book BE?

    Is it reasonable to name the CaslonBookBE founts as Caslon (pcar and so
    on), or should a new name be defined for them?

CaslonBook is probably a separate font from Caslon (as opposed to the
book weight of a Caslon font).  So it needs its own name.  How about:

ck caslonbk     CaslonBook

As for BE, as Berthold says, that's presumably a supplier abbreviation.
The other BE fonts I have names for are from Monotype (?!).

    FullName Caslon Book BE Medium Small Caps & Oldstyle Figures

mckmc I guess -- I see no particular need to put both the `SmallCaps'
and `Oldstyle Figures' info into the name.  The PostScript FontName just
says SC after all.

    And there are more.  Suddenly the crazy idea of using those short names
    does not seem quite so crazy anymore :-)  

If you (or anyone) wants to use the foundry names, there's nothing
stopping you.

    For one thing, I don't have to
    wait for someone to assign a new name...

When people send me a suggested name for their new fonts, I generally
use it.  In any case, I usually respond within a day or two.  If it's a
hassle for you, as I say, there's nothing to stop you from using the
foundry name.

Personally, I'd be perfectly happy to come up with Final Solution and
get out of the fontname-assigning-business :-).  I'm not sure using the
8-char foundry filenames suffices, though ... do Bitstream and Adobe
(say) ever assign the same filename?  Did they divvy up the namespace?
Do Monotype and URW and all the others buy in?

Going to some long name scheme and a mapping file is probably maximally
portable in theory.  Minimally portable in practice, today, I fear.