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Re: fontname name for Caslon Book BE?

At 10:07 pm -0500 30/1/98, Berthold K.P. Horn wrote:
>At 12:30 AM 98/01/31 +0000, Rebecca and Rowland wrote:
>>I've tried to find out what this might be, and it seems that Karl Berry has
>>not defined a name for this fount (and relatives):
>>251_300/295/QXB_____.AFM CaslonBookBE-Bold
>>251_300/295/QXI_____.AFM CaslonBookBE-Italic
>>251_300/295/QXM_____.AFM CaslonBookBE-Medium
>>251_300/295/QXRG____.AFM CaslonBookBE-Regular
>>251_300/296/QXBOF___.AFM CaslonBookBE-BoldOsF
>>251_300/296/QXBXP___.AFM CaslonBookBE-BoldExp
>>251_300/296/QXIOF___.AFM CaslonBookBE-ItalicOsF
>>251_300/296/QXIXP___.AFM CaslonBookBE-ItalicExp
>>251_300/296/QXMSC___.AFM CaslonBookBE-MediumSC
>>251_300/296/QXMXP___.AFM CaslonBookBE-MediumExp
>>251_300/296/QXRGX___.AFM CaslonBookBE-RegularExp
>>251_300/296/QXSC____.AFM CaslonBookBE-RegularSC
>You have a problem here.  These are Caslon faces by the some
>foundry with abbrreviation BE (presumably you know who that is
>given that you have the fonts.

The fount's from Adobe; the name is a trademark of H. Berthold AG.  The
`foundry' (stupid name - has Adobe *ever* worked in metal?) is Adobe, which
does *not* have the abbreviation BE.

>  You can't assume that they are the
>same as the printer resident Adobe Calson.  Not even in metrics.

I'm assuming that these founts have *different* metrics to Adobe Caslon -
that's why I'm suggesting a distinct name.  Adobe Caslon is called pac in
Berry's naming scheme, which is why I'm suggesting using a different name.

I don't have any printer resident founts, so that consideration's irrelevant.

>So you need to make up new names.  You know what I would do :-)
>I would use the names QXB, QXI, QXM, QXRG, ....

Yes, that would work, but I'd quite like to use fontname names (part of the
reason for me wanting to do this is to learn how to use fontinst - I've got
the full set of Caslon Book BE founts so I can fiddle around with oldstyle
numbers, small caps, loads of ligatures, and so on).

>Looking on just the Adobe TOC 4.1 CD, I found some of the following:
[snip fount list]
>And there are more.

The only other Caslon founts I can find are the expert/small caps/oldstyle
numbers CaslonBookBE founts.  All the Caslon founts you've mentioned above
have Berry names defined for them - as I pointed out in my original email:

>Given that the only other Adobe Caslon founts I can find do have names
>defined in the fontname scheme (Adobe Caslon, ac; Caslon224, c2; Caslon3,
>c3; and Caslon540, c5), and given that all `cX' names are taken bar cj, I
>think it makes sense to use ca for Caslon Book BE.

>  Suddenly the crazy idea of using those short names
>does not seem quite so crazy anymore :-)  For one thing, I don't have to
>wait for someone to assign a new name...

But unfortunately, fontinst can't make sense out of non-fontinst names.
Yes, you can use it with any fount names you like, but you've got to give
it an \installfont command for each fount you want to install.  I'd quite
like to avoid this.

P.S.  My email address is `rebecca@astrid.u-net.com' - `rebecca@u-net.com'
won't get to me, and might not even bounce.