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Re: Mr Horns "recommendation"

 > > My recommendation would be not to use T1 or OT1 encoding.
 > > Use LY1 instead (*). 
 > This is in fact not a recommendation but a commercial advertisement. Mr. 
 > Horn has commercial connection to Y & Y, and didn't even mention this here. 
 > LY1 is a proprietary non-standard encoding.

This is very unfair on Berthold.  LY1 is "non-standard" to the extent
that it is the creation of one person, but the only `standardization'
that has taken place for eg T1 is its approval by the LaTeX team, who
are a small, private, group who accept no mandate from anyone else.[1]

Berthold has consistently promoted LY1 for anyone to use, and has
funded development of LaTeX support for it; he is entirely open about
what it is, and it is no way dependent on his commercial offering.

I am fed up with the Y&Y-bashing. Berthold Horn has done a great deal
for the TeX community over the years, and even allowing for the fact
that he has a living to make[2], is by far the most open of the TeX
vendors. Y&Y promote and follow standards, in my experience.

For the record, I have no commercial connection with Y&Y, though they
have given me free copies of software. Last year, when I spent time on
hyperref support for dviwindo, Y&Y very generously donated funds to
the TUG 97 Bursary as recompense.


[1] not a criticism. i think they are right.