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Re: Mr Horns "recommendation"

J"org Knappen wrote:

> Berthold K. P. Horn wrote:
>> My recommendation would be not to use T1 or OT1 encoding.
>> Use LY1 instead (*). 

> This is in fact not a recommendation but a commercial advertisement. 
> Mr. Horn has commercial connection to Y & Y, and didn't even mention 
> this here.

> LY1 is a proprietary non-standard encoding.

I usually try to keep out of such debates, but I must say that I don't
like the aggressive tone of Joerg's reply.

It may be true that Berthold Horn forgot to put a disclaimer in his
message, but who cares?  The regular readers of this mailing list know
about his commercial connections to Y&Y anyway.

Anyway, I don't see the point why you claim that LY1 is a proprietary
encoding.  It may be non-standard (this depends on who makes the
de-facto standards in the TeX community,), but I really don't see 
how there can be anything proprietary an encoding vector which is
openly documented in CTAN:macros/latex/contrib/supported/psnfssx/ly1?

As far as I understand, LY1 is just another alternative to 8r which
provides access to the full glyph complement of standard Type 1 fonts
including those glyphs that are hidden in the Adobe Stadard Encoding.

In fact, there's nothing in principle to stop anyone from renencoding
your EC/TC fonts (T1/TS1 = 8t/8c) into LY1 or 8r whatever you prefer.
The underlying base fonts certainly won't become proprietary this way.
The worst thing that could happen is that you might have to drop some 
glyphs in going one way or that you might have to fake some glyphs 
in going the other way, but that's just a question of which encoding
is technically superior for whatever reasons.

You're welcome to start a discussion on the technical merits of the
various encodings if you like, but please be fair as not to rule out 
anything by making claims about it's being proprietary.

Cheers, Ulrik.

P.S.  BTW, even if you happen to get fonts from Y&Y, you're not 
forced to use LY1.  You're offered a choice between ASE, 8r, and LY1,
depending on which set of TFM files you install and how you set up
psfonts.map for dvips.