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Re: Mr Horns "recommendation"

>> My recommendation would be not to use T1 or OT1 encoding.
>> Use LY1 instead (*).
>This is in fact not a recommendation but a commercial advertisement. Mr.
>Horn has commercial connection to Y & Y, and didn't even mention this here.

Actually Jörg hasn't noticed the (*), which was a footnote mark
to the following footnote:

>>(*) http://www.YandY.com/ly1.htm

I think that the .com in this URL is sufficiently clear and leaves no room
for misunderstandings.

And since we are talking recommendations, my recommendation in the near future
also will be not to use T1 or OT1, but of course Omega, which doesn't care
about silly encoding issues [don't be offended, I don't find anyone's work
silly, but the fact that people spend hours/days/months finding the right
place to put characters, choosing them with care so that their number
does not exceed the fatal limit of 256, finding arrangements for keeping
related characterser and so on... if all that energy could be canalized in
developping 16-bit products the world would be a better place] (*)

(*) http://www.ens.fr/omega

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