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Re: Mr Horns "recommendation"

At 05:00 PM 2/10/98 +0200, J"org Knappen wrote:

>> Berthold Horn wrote:

>>> My recommendation would be not to use T1 or OT1 encoding.
>>> Use LY1 instead (*). 

>>This is in fact not a recommendation but a commercial advertisement. 

I believe everyone on tex-fonts is well aware of my connections with
Y&Y.  I make no secrets of them and my name appears in TUG publications
with Y&Y affiliations (such as in the article on `hinting' in the current
Also, if the topic is of a nature that might entail a potential confliuct of
interest I will add a DISCLAIMER to my message.

Also, if you actually looked on that web page I referenced you will see
that in the FAQ it clearly states that

(i) you do not need fonts from Y&Y to use LY1;
(ii) you can use fonts from Y&Y with other encodings;
(iii) you do not need the Y&Y TeX System to use LY1
(iv) you can use the Y&Y TeX System with other encodings
(it's a menu selection!);

Hence there is no `commercial connection' .  The issue of
the source of fonts, TeX Systems, and encoding are orthogonal.

If you go further and actually download 
you will find that it is for using printer resident fonts with DVIPS.
I don't think either of those are from Y&Y :-)

It just shows a convenient way of using fonts with a single encoding
and a single TFM file complete with ligature and kern information.
Compare that 4 TFMs and 2 VFs when using T1 + TS1

>>Mr. Horn has commercial connection to Y & Y, and didn't even mention this

And, it is Herr Professor Doktor bitte :-), NOT Mr. -- if you please.

Regards, Berthold.

DISCLAIMER: respondent has connections with Y&Y

Berthold K.P. Horn
MIT AI Laboratory
mailto: bkph@ai.mit.edu