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Re: Accessing characters outside of OT1 or T1?

ASEX and ASEXP encoding, which were developed years ago for
the output (raw-font) side of a two-encoding VF approach,
tried to answer some of this need.  ASEX specifically
ensures that all simplex glyphs (not seac composites)
in the usual Adobe font layout were made accessible. 
The seac composites were excluded partly to make room, and
partly because they can just as well be generated
>From the AFM specifications as VF composites.  It may
even be an advantage in some situations that only
simplex glyphs are ever called out from the font in
ASEX encoding.  For the rare font such as Adobe Garamond
which actually uses internal subroutines rather
than seac composites, there is ASEXC encoding.  
In this case it is recognized that (e.g.) /aacute
is a simplex glyph, not a kerned pairing of accent and

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