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Re: Accessing characters outside of OT1 or T1?

Concernant « Re: Accessing characters outside of OT1 or T1? », Pierre MacKay écrit :
« The seac composites were excluded partly to make room, and
« partly because they can just as well be generated
« from the AFM specifications as VF composites.  

this is glyphically true, but yields undesirable effects when you come
to PDF search mechanisms for instance. 

As regards expert sets, yes a 8x.sty + fd is the only solution i
see. It is true that if superior digits/letters were complete, this
could provide for an optically scaled down version of the font... 
i believe JK's observation dealt only with metafonts (or MMs?), which
in the case of TSA is maybe not very accurate...?

I've personnally always used them with something like \font & \char,
but i realize it is not very much poLaTeXally correct.... Sometimes,
it appears that the threequarteremdash is the good one to use as
default emdash, ampersandsmall too, so i'd rather regard these extra
glyphs as possible alternates rather than really usefull ones. 
Thierry Bouche, Grenoble.
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