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Re: Helvetica math fonts

 > fonts, somebody has provided me with a style file 'helvetica+m' (see below)
 > by Alan Jeffrey. In this file there is a reference to the Helvetica math
 > font 'phvcm'
 > and a Symbol font 'psycm'. However, at my ctan-site (ftp.dante.de) I cannot
 > find these fonts. Since our work involves a lot af mathematics, it is
 > important for us to have good math fonts. Would you please indicate where I
 > may find the indicated fonts or what alternatives to these sans serif math
 > fonts exist ?

these would not be real sans maths fonts (if such a beast exists). 
they would be virtual fonts
which mix Helvetica letters and numbers, Symbol symbols, and CM bits
and pieces into a possibly-plausible mush. you'd need Alan's fontinst

have a look at Alan Hoenig's mathinst package. that could help.

Personally, i'd use Lucida New Math on a poster