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problem with postscript fonts

I'm having trouble getting postscript fonts to work with dvips.

I went to ftp://ctan.tug.org/ and downloaded texk-7.2a, texmflib,
pdftexlib-0.12h, etexlib-2.0, and omegalib-1.5.

I untarred all the lib files into /usr/local/lib/texmf, and built
texk-7.2 by running "make".  I then installed psnfss in
/usr/local/lib/texmf/tex/latex/packages/psnfss and then untarred the
contents of ftp://ctan.tug.org/tex-archive/fonts/psfonts/adobe into

As it stands now, most things seem to work with the exception of the
small caps fonts.

I tried adding in the files from the entire
ftp://ctan.tug.org/tex-archive/fonts/psfonts directory, the lw35nfss.zip
files, and the lw35pk.zip files, but small caps fonts still did not
work.  I also tried putting all the map files into the psfonts.map file,
also with no effect.

ftp://ctan.tug.org/tex-archive/fonts/psfonts/adobe seems to have tfm
files for all the small caps fonts I want, and they are installed, but
not the vf files.

Here is an example TeX document which works with the distribution of TeX
I installed in August of 1995:

----- cut here -----
\font\fa=pagkc at 8pt
\font\fb=pagdc at 8pt
\font\fc=pbklc at 8pt
\font\fd=pbkdc at 8pt
\font\fe=phvrc at 8pt
\font\ff=phvbc at 8pt
\font\fg=pncrc at 8pt
\font\fh=pncbc at 8pt
\font\fx=pplrc at 8pt
\font\fj=pplbc at 8pt
\font\fk=ptmrc at 8pt
\font\fl=ptmbc at 8pt

\fa Eeep!
\fb Eeep!
\fc Eeep!
\fd Eeep!
\fe Eeep!
\ff Eeep!
\fg Eeep!
\fh Eeep!
\fx Eeep!
\fj Eeep!
\fk Eeep!
\fl Eeep!

----- cut here -----

This document will TeX fine, but dvips will fail to find every font.
Running dvips in debug mode, I see that it searches for a pagkc8r.vf
file and is unable to find one.  Each font fails, not just pagkc.When I
compile and dvips this document on my older TeX system it is produced

-- void *(*(*schlake(void *))[])(void *); /* http://www.nmt.edu/~schlake/ */