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Re: http://www.YandY.com/usely1.htm (and when you shouldn't).

I wrote:
>> A significant reason not to use LY1 is that [...] PDF files using the
>> LY1 encoding don't view properly on the Macintosh Acrobug reader [...]

... to which Louis Vosloo <support@YandY.com> replied:
> [...] I am not aware of such problems with the current Acrobat Readers.  

I can only assume then that you do not subscribe to the TeX fonts mailing
list (which itself seems a curious oversight).

On Friday, January 2 1998 (message <199801021135.DAA21777@alonzo.cs.sfu.ca>),
I wrote a message entitled ``LY1 & 8r Encodings unsound!?!?'' to the TeX
fonts mailing list saying:
| [...] I found that some files that I'd made perfectly printable
| PostScript from, using [...] the LY1 encoding wouldn't make good PDF.
| When viewed on a Macintosh, the fi and fl ligatures were missing, and
| so were the quote characters.
| To investigate further, I made some Encoding test files, not with TeX,
| but based on some handwritten PostScript I had, which draws a table with
| all the characters in the encoding. When I did this, I found that the
| PDF made from both the TexBase1 encoding and the TeXnANSI encoding didn't
| view correctly on the Macintosh Acrobat reader (although it printed
| fine).
| I've put my various test files (PS and PDF) on my web site, in
| http://www.cs.sfu.ca/~oneill/personal/encodings/ . If you want to view
| them on your own Mac, bear in mind that you *must* quit Acrobat Exchange
| between each PDF file, because one file can influence the next.

If I look at TeXnANSI-sample.pdf, the line at 0x80 has a bullet where
Lslash should be, and then continues with every glyph wrong until 0x9f.

I've also added test.pdf (generated from TeX/dvips using the LY1 package),
in which the fi and fl ligatures and quotation marks are missing when
the document is viewed.

I use Acrobat Exchange 3.02, Macintosh System 8.0, ATM Deluxe 4.0, with
genuine Adobe PostScript fonts and no conflicting TrueType fonts (I'm
not a fan of TrueType fonts). The fonts used are Helvetica and Bookman,
both of which are locally installed. (I also observed the problem with
fonts that were not locally installed).

Feel free to investigate and/or ask me for more details,


P.S. Berthold K.P. Horn (who I believe is affiliated with Y&Y) did take
a look at the above files and told me ``Very nice.  They all look fine
here on NT.'', which I took to mean that he/Y&Y didn't have a means to
(or didn't choose to) test the files on a Macintosh.
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