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Re: cmsc9 and 8

At 7:05 am -0400 25/5/98, Tom Kacvinsky wrote:
>The font cmcsc10 is one of the original Knuth CM fonts.
>The fonts cmcsc8 and cmcsc9 are extra CM fonts that
>are distributed with the AMS fonts package.

Ah!  So that explains something.

>I suppose that has something to do with it, though
>I can't see why;  the AMSLaTeX stuff is part of the
>LaTeX2e distribution, so theoretically, people who
>LaTeX2e should have those fonts installed.

Is this right?


form the `core' LaTeX distribution as far as I know, and this set of files
doesn't include the AMSLaTeX stuff.

The AMSLaTeX founts are archived separately at CTAN too.  Some TeX systems
might be distributed with AMSLaTeX, but in the case of OzTeX (for example)
it's an optional extra rather than something everyone installs.  I've
installed the AMSLaTeX stuff, but I'm not sure I've ever used it.  But then
again, I've not done any serious maths for years.

>Maybe it has something to do with the fact that
>cmcsc8 and cmcsc9 are not available in PostScript
>form (for free, that is).

Possibly.  I think it's a bit odd to supply the founts but not have fd
files that use them.  I've just had a look at the AMSLaTeX files and there
seems to be nothing there that'll use cmcsc8 and 9, although there is stuff
to use:

\ProvidesPackage{cmmib57}[1996/11/10 v2.2f %
  alternate cmmib, cmbsy font definitions]
  <-6> cmmib5 <6-8> cmmib7 <8-> cmmib10
  <-6> cmbsy5 <6-8> cmbsy7 <8-> cmbsy10