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Re: cmsc9 and 8

At 07:18 AM 5/25/98 +0100, Rebecca and Rowland wrote:

>I've just been looking at OT1cmr.fd and stuff like that, and I've noticed
>that it says this:
>     {%
>      <5><6><7><8><9><10><10.95><12>%
>      <14.4><17.28><20.74><24.88>cmcsc10%
>      }{}
>That is, cmcsc10 is used for all instances of cmr/m/sc.  Does anyone know
>why cmcsc9 and cmcsc9 aren't used for some sizes?

Because ithey are not `real' CM fonts!  

Knuth's 75 CM fonts do not include sizes of CMCSC other than 10pt.  
The AMS fonts on the other hand have added 8pt and 9pt sizes.

Similarly, only the 10pt sizes of the bold math fonts are in CM.
The other sizes are in the AMS font set.
Which can be a problem, since LaTeX 2e uses those smaller sizes.

Of course, you can always modify your local copy of the *.fd files
to suit your own installation and tastes.

Regards, Berthold.