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wasy10.pfb broken, fix available

In one of the recent teTeX updates, Thomas was kind enough to add the
versions of Ronald Waldi's `wasy' fonts that were generated by Taco
Hoekwater using Richard Kinch's Metafog tool.

A feature of Metafog is that it generates supurious control points for
type 1 font glyphs which are then hand removed. Unfortunately, in
wasy10, it appears that this process was not (completely) done (?) on
the `twonotes' glyph (character 0x0F), and the additional points
confuse some type 1 rasterizers (both Adobe's and HP's at least),
causing that glyph to be rendered as an outline rather than being
filled. (It is however rendered correctly in wasy5, wasy7, and

I've deleted the spurious points in my copy and am making it available
to whoever cares about such things at:


I'd recommend that somehow this information also be forwarded back to
Taco Hoekwater, but I'm not sure of his address.