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Re: fontname codes for variants (was: fontname code for scaled variant)

    On this issue too, I'm left wonderinging if there is any standardization
    for names. 

I'm afraid I don't understand.

    If not, I'd like to suggest we reserve 0 and 1 for this

Which purpose? Use 0/1 for inferior/superior or user-defined?

    and use some other letter for scaled variants.

Is there any point in a variant meaning ``this is scaled''?  Don't you
also have to know what the scaling is (which obviously can't be encoded
in one or two chars)?  I suppose that could be done in following
numbers, as in ptmrZ1112 for the putative ``scaled variant'' character Z
(I don't know what the character should really be yet, probably 2 or 3
is all that's possible) and a scaling of 11/12.

Or we could just forget the whole thing :-).