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Re: DVIPS fix for better Macintosh PDF

At 02:23 AM 6/17/98 -0700, Melissa O'Neill wrote:

>You must quit Acrobat Reader between each test. The first file loaded
>by Acrobat Reader can be a deciding factor: the first file can make it
>so unhappy that it'll render `good' files wrong, or it can make it so
>joyful that it'll correctly show files that it usually doesn't like.
>Since ATM may be involved too, you may even have to try 
>rebooting between tests.

This annoying mis-feature of ATM has been fixed a while ago in
the Windows version (after serious lobbying and complaining).
For example, you no longer have to reboot after
installing a modified font (you can imagine how painful that is
when you are trying to fix a font that doesn't work in ATM!).  
Maybe it's time Adobe fixed the Mac version also :-).