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Re: DVIPS fix for better Macintosh PDF

Pierre BASSO writes:
> I use: MacOS 8.1,
> 	 ATM 4.0.2 March 97 (Deluxe is not mentioned),
> 	 Acrobat Reader 3.0.1 french.
> But, it's enough to drive you mad! Because I tried several tests with the
> same latex file including \usepackage{times} in its preamble and I get a
> sequence of puzzling results.
> First test: I compiled this file with pdftex and I launched Acrobat Reader,
> I got a pdf file with missing "fi" and "fl".
> Secund test: some days later, I did the same things; on this occasion  I
> got the glyphes "fi" and "fl" but the apostrophes were missing.
> Third: yesterday, I tried  and I got again "fi" and "fl" missing but
> apostrophes were good.
> Fourth: today, I try  Tex --> DVI --> PS --> PDF by means of dvips and
> ghostscript; I launch Acrobat Reader and I get a good pdf file. I try again
> pdftex and I launch Acrobat, to my great surprise the pdf file is fully
> good!  I did this test several times before sending my email and the result
> is always good.
> Do you understand this mystery?


You must quit Acrobat Reader between each test. The first file loaded
by Acrobat Reader can be a deciding factor: the first file can make it
so unhappy that it'll render `good' files wrong, or it can make it so
joyful that it'll correctly show files that it usually doesn't like.

Since ATM may be involved too, you may even have to try rebooting between

Fun fun fun...