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Re: Russian encodings and TeX fontname scheme

"KB" == K Berry writes:

 >> Next, we should register all four encodings: T2A, T2B, T2C
 >> and X2. What do you think are the best names for them in the
 >> fontname scheme? Maybe 6t, 6u, 6v, 6x respectively?

 KB> Sure, but why not 6a, 6t, 6c, 6x?  (Unfortunately 6b was already
 KB> used.)

 KB> Whatever you prefer ...

You mean,

6a -- T2A
6t -- T2B
6c -- T2C
6x -- X2

? I think that it is Ok. But the most widely used T2* encoding will
probably be T2A. And the `6t' is assigned to T2B. However, IMHO it
does not matter.

	Best regards, -- Vladimir.