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Re: Russian encodings and TeX fontname scheme

"SB" == Sasha Berdnikov writes:

 >> You mean,
 >> 6a -- T2A
 >> 6t -- T2B
 >> 6c -- T2C
 >> 6x -- X2
 >> ? I think that it is Ok. But the most widely used T2* encoding
 >> will probably be T2A. And the `6t' is assigned to T2B. However,
 >> IMHO it does not matter.

 SB> We need also the prefix for LR1 (0--127 from CM + 128--255 from
 SB> X2) and LR0 (0--127 from CM + russian characters 196--255 and
 SB> symbols \No, \currencysign, \sectionsign, <<, >> and ,, from
 SB> X2).

You mean, that LR0 will be a subset of LR1? Then why registering of a
sub-encoding is needed?

 SB> We need also the prefix reserved for T2D --- the encoding
 SB> for future extensions (minor cyrillic alphabets, variant letters,
 SB> etc.).

	Best regards, -- Vladimir.