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Re: Adobe EuroFonts

Thierry wrote:

> do you know what the eurofonts are?
> it's 12 fonts each one with one single glyph (repeated 256 times in
> the encoding vector) more or less matching the variants of
> Courier/Helvetica/Times. 

well only 223 times or so, because the range 0-31 is left empty and 
slot 32 is a space.  (slot 128 is called "Euro", all the remaining
slots are called "Euro.nnn", where "nnn" is a sequential number).

> I don't think that deserves a typeface.map slot. 

> The best idea so far is to assign some z name, because these fonts
> are very bizarre. They could however be used by fontinst ts1 VFs
> (well, as much as psyr could be used for OT1 fonts...)

That's exactly what I did in fontinst/examples/eurofont.  Personally 
I consider this only a stop-gap solution.  In the long term I expect
font suppliers to add an `euro` glyph to each font, just like we
already have `dollar' or `sterling' or `yen'.

> the encoding is bizarre, the usefullness is bizarre, the glyph design
> is bizarre: why not zzzzzz?


Cheers, Ulrik.