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Re: Adobe EuroFonts

At 11:07 AM 98/07/17 +0200, Ulrik Vieth wrote:

>well only 223 times or so, because the range 0-31 is left empty and 
>slot 32 is a space.  (slot 128 is called "Euro", all the remaining
>slots are called "Euro.nnn", where "nnn" is a sequential number).

Importantly the font also has a  glyph called uni20AC.  Otherwise
it wouldn't work properly in a Unicode environment like Windows NT,
where the Euro has the old Unicode 1.1 position 20A0.  While the
font shares a subroutine for all these glyphs, its not clear why they 
bothered with different names.  There most be some brain-dead
software that gets confused by encoding vectors with repeated 
entries.  In any case, the font files would be a lot smaller without
these extraneous names...


Berthold K.P. Horn
Cambridge, MA		mailto:bkph@ai.mit.edu