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Re: checksum inconsistencies for virtual postscript fonts on CTAN

At 04:11 AM 98/07/28 +0100, Rebecca and Rowland wrote:

>>Oh sure, if your focus is on implementing OT1 and T1..

>>But somehow this is a lower level detail of the _real_ aim, which is
>>to provide ready-made accented characters so hyphenation can
>>work in TeX.  And that higher level aim is well-served by LY1 :-)

>But it does mean you don't get a chance to use, say, small caps where no
>`real' SC fount exists.  I was under the impression that the *real* aim was
>to allow you to use all the `good things' like faked SC (etc) *as well as*
>gain access to ready-made accented characters.  That last aim is better
>served by T1 than LY1 if you've got a Windoze box and you don't use dvips
>(or one of the commercial dvi drivers that support `proper' re-encoding).

(1) Anyone using fake smallcaps would also steal sheep.

(2) Times and many other fonts have real smallcaps. 
 The files posted in lw35nfsx (if you had only looked) link correctly to

(3) The solution you describe is a `PS only' solution, Which is very limiting.

Berthold K.P. Horn
Cambridge, MA		mailto:bkph@ai.mit.edu