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Re: checksum inconsistencies for virtual postscript fonts on CTAN

Berthold K.P. Horn writes:
 > (1) Anyone using fake smallcaps would also steal sheep.
an honourable tradition, sheep-stealing

 > (2) Times and many other fonts have real smallcaps. 
 >  The files posted in lw35nfsx (if you had only looked) link correctly to
 > those.
i looked. you say

% Adobe makes a real Times-Roman smallcaps and old style figures
   <-> ptmbc8y  % tibsc

which works for Times small caps, but will be a dismal failure with
any font family which gets its small caps from an expert set. in my
(limited) experience, this is more common than the Times Smallcaps way
of working.

ptmbc8y is not in the map file, by the way, so this won't work anyway :-}

 > (3) The solution you describe is a `PS only' solution, Which is
 > very limiting.

not sure what Rowland does (not sure I want to know), but everything I
do works just the same way with pdftex and with tex/dvips. 


PS I am bemused to see that lw35nfsx.zip uses the same names for dvips
config and map files as I do. This is, I suggest, rather
unfriendly. It prevents people running both on the same system, and
prevents me putting it on the TeX Live CD