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Re: checksum inconsistencies for virtual postscript fonts on CTAN

At 01:15 PM 7/28/98 +0100, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
>Berthold K.P. Horn writes

> > (1) Anyone using fake smallcaps would also steal sheep.

>an honourable tradition, sheep-stealing


>which works for Times small caps, but will be a dismal failure with
>any font family which gets its small caps from an expert set. in my
>(limited) experience, this is more common than the Times Smallcaps way
>of working.

My limited experience indicates that over the years Adobe has been trending
towards full smallcaps font, even in  cases where they already had
an `expert' companion, just because using a real smallcaps font is so
much more convenient.

>ptmbc8y is not in the map file, by the way, so this won't work anyway :-}

Oops, I guess I'll have to fix that. Thanks.

> > (3) The solution you describe is a `PS only' solution, Which is
> > very limiting.

>not sure what Rowland does (not sure I want to know), but everything I
>do works just the same way with pdftex and with tex/dvips. 

Yes, but non of this PS trickery works with ATM or on screen without a
PS interpreter :-)

>PS I am bemused to see that lw35nfsx.zip uses the same names for dvips
>config and map files as I do. This is, I suggest, rather
>unfriendly. It prevents people running both on the same system, and
>prevents me putting it on the TeX Live CD

Thanks for pointing that out.  I can change the names.  I guess I was
thinking more along the lines of people extracting the text and
adding it to their psfonts.map...

Regards, Berthold.

Berthold K.P. Horn
MIT AI Laboratory
mailto: bkph@ai.mit.edu