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TrueType font naming scheme

[Apologies if you read this message twice.]

My ttf2pk/ttf2tfm converters are now working quite nicely so that I've
started some real tests using Win 95 fonts with very satisfactory

The only problem is the naming of the fonts:

Consider the font Antqua.ttf . It identifies itself as `Book Antiqua
Regular' and has been created by Monotype.

Looking into the naming scheme I came up with maqr8[rt], but this is
apparently for a PostScript font having the same name and creator. I
don't have this font but I'm quite sure that neither the outlines nor
the metrics are absolutely identical for various reasons mainly due to
conversion from one format to another.

With other words, if I write a document with a TeX setup having a
TrueType maqr8 font, I will get a different result processing it on a
TeX setup having a PostScript maqr8 font (besides checksum errors).

What to do? I'm rather sure that there is a long list of fonts which
exist in both TT and PS formats.

The main question is: Should we treat TrueType and PostScript fonts