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Re: .pk files?

At 5:43 pm +0200 11/8/98, Rosa Maria Gomez Flores wrote:
>Hello everybody!
>	I'm a little bit loss all those fonts file formats to use TeX.
>	Can anyone say me how to see and print (I'm using YAP under Windows
>NT) a
>(plain) TeX document when:
>	1) I only have the .mtf and .vf files. I thouth that DVI drivers needed
>.pk files, but it seems it is enought, because in all CTAN directorys I
>didn't find them, nor the .mf file.

It's a bit difficult to know what to say: there are lots of mf files at
CTAN.  DVI drivers need *something* to print with: pk files are one sort of
file that's useful.  Some dvi drivers can also use Postscript Type 1 and
TrueType founts directly.

Do you mean `tfm' when you say `mtf'?

>	2) I have the .amf file, but not the .ps to get .pk

Do you mean `afm' when you say `amf'?

>	Sometimes I have got to compile something with TeX --I can't say
>how :-((   --, but I never can see or print the .dvi file.

It sounds like you're trying to use non-Metafont founts with TeX (normally
PS Type 1 founts).  There are lots of files at CTAN to allow you to use PS
Type 1 founts with TeX, but in most cases the founts concerned are
commercial products which you have to buy from a firm that sells founts.

You might find it useful to ask this question on comp.text.tex.