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Re: fontname question: supplier letter for microsoft truetype fonts

"UV" == Ulrik Vieth writes:

 UV> Are these really Microsoft fonts or are might these be Monotype
 UV> designs redistributed by MS?  In the latter case, I'd use the `m'
 UV> supplier letter for Monotype, as usual.

Well, most of the fonts appeared to be designed by Monotype (in some
of them, a typeface was copyrighted by other companies, however),
except the following purely microsoft fonts:

Comic (Regular and Bold)
Tahoma (Regular and Bold)
Verdana (Regular, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic)

 UV> As for a new supplier letters, we seem to be running out of free
 UV> codes.  What remains are just the letters 'j', 'q', 'v', 'x' 'y'.

So, we still need a letter for MS, i think. :-) What about j? it is
the nearest neighbor of m. :-)

	Best regards, -- Vladimir.
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		-- Aristotle