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Re: fontname question: supplier letter for microsoft truetype fonts

Vladimir Volovich:

> Hello,
> there are a number of free truetype fonts distributed by microsoft:
> see, e.g.,
> http://www.microsoft.com/typography

> I wonder, what should be a canonical letter for the supplier of these
> fonts in the K.Berry's fontname scheme? I seemed to fail to find there
> any mentions about m$. :-)

Are these really Microsoft fonts or are might these be Monotype
designs redistributed by MS?  In the latter case, I'd use the `m'
supplier letter for Monotype, as usual.

As for a new supplier letters, we seem to be running out of free
codes.  What remains are just the letters 'j', 'q', 'v', 'x' 'y'.

BTW, on a similar topic:  What about a supplier letter for Berthold?
Would it be OK to reuse `r' (whose original meaning as a prefix for
raw font is considered obsolete)?

Cheers, Ulrik.