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Re: fontname question: supplier letter for microsoft truetype fonts

   >Are the metrics for a TrueType version of a font always identical to
   >those of the Type 1 version? 

   If it is meant as a drop in replacement (like Arial for Helvetica,
   Courier New for Courier, Times New Roman for Times-Roman etc.)
   then the advance widths at least should match exactly.

This is irrelevant for TeX itself...

   Other metrics such as character bounding boxes may not.  
   Kerning pairs may differ too, but TeX does the kerning, so you can 
   use whatever kerning pairs you want, the actual
   outline font doesn't know about that.

But the very question isn't glyph substitution (which should work fine).

   Often the TTF and the PST1 versions do not have the same character
   complement. PST1 typically have a starndard 228 glyphs, while
   corresponding TTF files may have less or in some cases many more
   (such as WGL4 set which is over 600).

This is another unfortunate complication, but due to virtual fonts not
really a problem IMHO.

I think that further discussion is rather fruitless.  Starting from
now I'll simply use the PS names for TrueType fonts too, if
available. For the font vendor `Microsoft' I will use `j', as